Daiana Olguin


Account Manager
Daiana Olguin. She's from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She served an LDS mission in Colombia. She studied through BYU-Pathway Wordlwide and is now working as an ESL teacher in a school and as a Freelancer. Also, she's studying to become an English- Spanish Translator. She loves learning and have big dreams and goals for the future.

Sarah Morales


Team Leader
Sarah Morales is from Guatemala, she's currently at college studying nutrition. She served in the Guatemala City East mission and in the Utah Salt Lake City, Temple Square mission, where she got to serve people from all over the world. She loves to learn about different cultures and she strongly believes that we are all children of a Heavenly Father who loves us.

Carla Bruno.JPG


Quality Analyst
Carla is a History teacher, specialized in Ancient History. She currently works in schools teaching teenagers. In the educational area, she also worked preparing young people for their entrance to the university through academic literacy workshops and study methodologies. She serves in the Young Women organization in her ward. Is married and enjoying her first baby boy.



IT Analyst

María José from Argentina, is currently studying Communication and Applied Technology at Ensign College through the BYU-Pathway program. She is passionate about undertaking projects that bless families and individuals in her community. In her efforts she seeks to edify others so they can reach their potential and to create safe spaces that allow meaningful relationships. She loves her family and friends. She served in the Chile Santiago South Mission.

Pablo Rodriguez


Translator into Spanish
Pablo Rodriguez is a student of the BYU Pathway program. He served in the Brazil Belo Horizonte mission. He is mostly an indoors person who enjoys learning about technology and languages but also loves a good field trip with family and friends. He believes that learning other languages can help to break barriers and building breaches between different cultures.

Fernanda Sandoval


Translator into Spanish

Fernanda enjoys the little things in life. She is a motivated learner. She loves teaching English and is currently working on getting her TESOL certificate at BYU-I.  Fernanda is a professional Nurse, a loving spouse and  mother.

Harold Saavedra


Translator into Spanish 
Harold Saavedra is a graduate from LDS Business College. He is originally from Peru and is seeking to continue further education at BYU Provo. He loves spending time with his wife, going hiking, and enjoying nature. Harold loves languages and is excited for this new opportunity to keep learning and making an impact.

Zaira Remache


Translator into Spanish

Zaira Remache is a Colombian, Who has an Associate's degree in environmental science,   she loves nature and learning about other cultures.  She served a mission in Uruguay Montevideo. She hopes to use her abilities and gifts to bless others lives.

Maria Isabel


Translator into Spanish

Maria Isabel is currently a student at Universidad Loyola Andalucía, finishing her double bachelor's degree on Law and International Relations. She served in the Salt Lake City, Utah - Temple Square Mission, with her outbound experience being in the Tempe, Arizona Mission. She loves spending time with her family, specially her 11 nephews and nieces. She enjoys learning about different cultures and languages and how God works in all of our lives.

Norka Chávez


Translator into Spanish

Norka Chávez is a surgeon in training at her natal country, Perú. She served in the Temple Square Mission, in Salt Lake City and has great desire to spread knowledge in english to hispanic speakers.

Diego Perez


Translator into Spanish
Diego Pérez lives in Bogotá, Colombia and  served in the Chile Antofagasta Mission from 2017 to 2019. He is currently studying Dentistry which is one of his passions. Diego spend his time on his favorite things, like languages, music and science. 
During the mission, many experiences learnt made him increase his love for the Heavenly Father and His children. 
He considers himself a hard-working person and a faithful son of God, willing to help and to serve.

Natalia Del Villar


Translator into Spanish
Natalia Del Villar graduated with a degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery. She lives in the Dominican Republic. She loves spending time with friends and family, dancing and music.



Translator into Spanish

Thomas Payne is a freelance traveler and student of languages. He most recently served a proselytizing mission in Virginia, USA, speaking Spanish. His primary goals are to continue to use his Spanish in the translation and service sector, as well as learning further languages and living internationally. His feels passionate about sharing the gospel with acquaintances, and writing (and performing) music and stories.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-18 at 11.18.14.jpeg


Translator into Spanish

Nicole served as a full time missionary in the Utah Salt Lake Temple Square Mission. She studied Marketing but loves teaching. She finds joy serving others and living the priciples of the gospel. She loves her family and God more than anything.